We offer our clients a wide range of services with particular emphasis on conceptual design, studies, basic engineering, consultancy and monitoring, research and development, and technology transfer and advisory services. In addition to our staff, we maintain a roster of high caliber engineers whom we can draw upon on a case-by-case basis, and we have long standing relationships with many other engineering firms, marketing firms, and research and development establishments throughout the world.

This provides us with a great deal of flexibility in creating teams which are the most suited to meet the needs of each specific client and project.

Our Scope of Services include:

Technology Transfer & Training

  • seminars on the use and processing of nonwood plant fibers into pulp and paper
  • seminars on the types of studies which can be prepared for each phase of the project development leading to bankable documents
  • development of raw materials purchasing and testing procedures and inventory control systems
  • development of sales and production planning procedures
  • operations and management personnel training both abroad and onsite with the assistance of third party firms

Feasibility Studies

  • first appraisal studies to determine whether or not a feasible project can be developed
  • prefeasibility studies to determine which of several projects is the most attractive
  • resource studies of fibrous raw materials to determine source, availability, supply and optimum utilization
  • raw material, site and market surveys
  • technical and/or economic optimization studies for existing mills
  • financial analyses of projects
  • detailed techno-economic feasibility studies for project financing
  • regional or national sectoral studies for governments, banks and other agencies to provide a base for long range planning

Basic Engineering

  • development of project concepts
  • development of project design criteria
  • process and equipment selection
  • preparation of process calculations
  • preparation of preliminary flow sheets
  • equipment sizing and selection of materials of construction
  • preparation of preliminary equipment lists
  • preparation of preliminary plant layouts and site plans
  • preparation of project budget estimates
  • preparation of lists of potential suppliers and contractors
  • preparation of specifications for package, turnkey, EPC and EPCM projects
  • analysis of tenders and bids received

Consultancy & Monitoring

  • general advisory services, long range planning and analyses of operations
  • mill evaluations regarding production and equipment, production programs and mill efficiency
  • evaluation of process and equipment configurations to determine approaches and solutions to technical problems
  • rationalization of production
  • technical and economic advisory services
  • technical and economic review of studies by others
  • review and monitoring of the design work, equipment selection, deliveries and performance of package-deal, turnkey, EPC and EPCM contractors to safeguard the interests of the client
  • monitoring of startup and commissioning of mills
  • expert witness services

Research, Development & Evaluation

  • direction and management of research and testing in recognized laboratories
  • process evaluation and selection
  • development of processes and selection of suitable equipment
  • design of special equipment as required
  • development of new processes

Patent & Expert Witness Services

  • technology review for patent applications
  • technology review of third party patents for clients
  • expert witness services for lawsuits

Field Services

  • preparation and maintenance of field erection and construction schedules
  • interpretation of drawings to contractors
  • monitoring of the work by suppliers and contractors
  • direction of activities of suppliers and contractors as regards time schedules
  • direction of field adjustments and changes
  • monitoring of payments to suppliers and contractors
  • planning and monitoring of maintenance, repair and refurbishing of existing equipment when the project involves improvements to existing mills
  • monitoring of plant startup and commissioning

Detailed Design Engineering

We provide a range of detailed design services tailored to suit each project's requirements. Please contact us for additional details.