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for Nonwood, Wood & Recycled Fiber Pulp, Paper, Fiberboard, Cellulosic Biofuel & Molded Fiber Products Projects

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Based in Ottawa, Canada, HurterConsult was established in 1978 as an independent consulting engineering firm to provide services internationally for the design and implementation of all types of pulp and paper mills and fiberboard mills based on wood, wastepaper and nonwood plant fiber raw materials from annual and perennial plants, agricultural residues and fibre crops.

Our client base is very diverse including development banks, project promoters and developers, existing pulp and paper companies, equipment manufacturers, major pulp and paper engineering consultants and government agencies.

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Technology Transfer & Training
Feasibility Studies
Basic Engineering
Consultancy & Monitoring
Research, Development & Evaluation
Patent & Expert Witness Services
Field Services
Detailed Design Engineering

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Design Engineering Projects

Technology Transfer & Advisory Services


Pulping and TCF Bleaching of Canadian Seed Flax Straw

Robert W. Hurter & Medwick V. Byrd
2019 Tappi PEERS

Pulping and TCF Bleaching of Canadian Wheat Straw and Oat Straw

Robert W. Hurter & Medwick V. Byrd
2018 Tappi PEERS

Pulping and bleaching of Malaysian oil palm empty fruit bunches

Robert W. Hurter & Medwick V. Byrd
Tappi Journal, June 2017